Shasta County: Project to Extend Natural Gas Pipeline in Rural Area

REDDING — PG&E will install a new section of natural gas transmission line in a rural area of Cottonwood from January through April.

“This gas line upgrade will provide our community with a safer and more reliable gas system,” said Lia White, senior manager of PG&E’s North Valley division.

PG&E will install 2,500 feet of new 10-inch steel pipe along Adobe Road between Balls Ferry and Alamos roads. The new section of pipeline will run nearly parallel to the existing pipeline. Once built, the new section will act as a bypass to the existing line and will allow PG&E to perform a hydrostatic test on the old segment of line without any interruption in gas service to customers.

A hydrostatic test (hydro test) involves purging natural gas from a segment of pipeline, filling it with water and subjecting it to a pressure test under safe and closely monitored conditions.

Traffic impacts should be minimal as work will occur along the roadside, with occasional one-way traffic controls in place.

PG&E is investing $ 6.5 million in the project. PG&E has notified customers in the neighborhood about the project. The estimated completion date anticipates some lost work days due to inclement weather, but prolonged bad weather could extend the project.

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