PG&E to Perform Electric Transmission Safety Work along Highway 101

BURLINGAME — On Saturday (June 11), PG&E will use helicopters to make improvements to high voltage electric transmission towers in Burlingame. The work will take place above and near Highway 101 between Anza Boulevard and Broadway and will likely cause traffic delays.

In order to perform this work safely and as quickly as possible, three traffic breaks will take place. Two 10-minute traffic breaks will take place Saturday, beginning at 6 a.m.

Another 10-minute traffic break is scheduled for Sunday (June 12) at 7 a.m. During these traffic breaks the Highway 101 northbound Broadway on-ramp will be closed as well as the southbound Broadway exit.

“We appreciate drivers’ patience as we work to enhance power line and electric service reliability on the Peninsula,” said Frank Salguero, senior manager of PG&E’s Peninsula division. “We are working closely with California Highway Patrol and Caltrans to perform this work and keep our crews and drivers safe.”

Workers will use helicopters to install safety nets and to replace cable lines on transmission towers that run along and over a small stretch of Highway 101. Electric service to local customers will not be affected. PG&E sometimes uses helicopters to complete projects in a safe and efficient manner, reduce the need for heavy trucks and equipment on the ground, and lessen environmental impacts.

Drivers should anticipate slow-downs or plan to take a different route. This activity will be visible to drivers on Highway 101. Drivers are reminded to stay safe and not be distracted while driving.

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