First Responders Trained to Handle Gas Emergencies

First Responders Trained to Handle Gas Emergencies

PG&E’s Gas Emergency Preparedness department plays a critical role in protecting public safety by ensuring that PG&E Gas Operations employees, first responders and the general public have the education and resources needed to safely respond in the event of a natural gas emergency.

The team has created some innovative tools and resources to assist with its mission, including a First Responders online portal that provides real-time access to information on transmission lines, gas storage facilities, shut-off valves and downloadable system maps. (First responders have password-protected access to the site.) The team also hosts hundreds of live workshops and conducts emergency simulations for internal and external first responders throughout the service territory throughout the year.

In addition, the team has created the Emergency Preparedness Mobile Application (EPMA), which allows employees to reference the Gas Emergency Response Plan and other training aids when they are out in the field. It also allows them to complete the required forms and send pictures directly from their devices.

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