Investing in a 21st Century Infrastructure

FOR THE PG&E EMPLOYEES living throughout our service territory, our customers are our neighbors. The communities we serve are where we live and work, too.

That’s why we invested more than $5 billion last year to enhance pipeline safety and strengthen our gas and electric infrastructure across northern and central California. It’s why we’re helping people and businesses gain energy efficiencies to help reduce their bills—saving them $142 million in 2015 alone. It’s why we’re focused on developing the next generation of clean, renewable energy systems.

We want to tell you more about our activities right here in your area. Meet some of our local employees, get the facts and see our progress in the Fresno region.


  • Pressure-tested 91 miles of gas transmission pipeline
  • Replaced 23 miles of gas transmission pipeline
  • Continue to leak survey all gas distribution pipelines – more than 5,000 miles over a five-year period
  • Continue to leak survey all gas transmission pipelines – more than 3,000 miles in the Fresno region
  • Invested $1.1 billion into electrical improvements
  • Enrolled more than 230,000 Fresno region households in the CARE Program, which provides a monthly discount on energy bills
  • Contributed nearly $4.6 million to non-profit and community organizations in 2013-2014
  • Connected nearly 29,000 rooftop solar installations for residents and businesses
  • Provided nearly $17 million in energy efficiency incentives to residential customers
  • Provided more than $16.5 million in energy efficiency incentives to commercial and industrial businesses

- All facts 2013-2015 unless otherwise noted