A Safer System

PG&E is investing more than $5 billion this year to improve pipeline safety and strengthen our gas and electric infrastructure.

We’re constructing new pipelines, installing new automated safety valves and constantly testing pipelines to monitor and ensure safe operating pressure. In fact, we’ve installed 200 new automated safety valves, enabling remote-control shutoff of gas in an emergency. We have strength-tested 365 miles of transmission pipeline and replaced 116 miles of pipe. We deployed more than 30 innovative new gas safety tools and continue to test new technologies to conduct inspections in less time and with greater precision.

In 2014, PG&E was recognized for its best-in-class operational standards for management of our physical assets and infrastructure. We are one of the first utilities in the world to hold both the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 55001) and Publicly Available Specification (PAS 55) certifications.

We’re making progress every day to become the safest utility in the nation.

- PG&E Using New Tool to Check Outside of Pipelines for Dents, Corrosion

Completed Nine of 12 NTSB Safety Actions

First Responders Trained to Handle Gas Emergencies

- Hydro Testing for Pipeline Safety

- All facts 2013-2015 unless otherwise noted