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A Reliable Infrastructure

In 2013, we invested more than $2.2 billion into electrical improvements throughout our service area, and as a result, the 15 million people served by PG&E experienced the fewest minutes without electricity in company history. Crews strengthened the circuits and used infrared technology to identify potential trouble spots so that stressed equipment could be repaired or replaced before it failed, and we have upgraded more than 330 circuits over the past five years.

We have installed smart-grid technology, which dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to restore power to our customers in the event of an outage. Instead of waiting for a crew to arrive on-scene to restore circuits manually, these new devices do it automatically, often within minutes. Utility workers have installed this “self-healing” technology on more than 500 circuits throughout our service territory.

Response Time Reduced to 21.3 Minutes for Gas Odor Calls

$2 Billion for Pipeline Safety

PG&E Completes $90 Million Electrical Upgrade in Butte, Yuba and Sutter Counties

As Silicon Valley Grows, PG&E Adds Electric Capacity While Improving Reliability