Anthony Ponnay

Anthony Ponnay, Lineman

I’m Anthony Ponnay. I’m a lineman for PG&E in Eureka. I was born and raised here. It’s a great place to raise my kids.

When people are out of power, especially in the wintertime, it’s cold. They’re usually very happy to see us when we show up. I have that sense of urgency to get out there and get their power back on.

You work some long hours sometimes. Sometimes the weather’s not the best. But you get up in the bucket truck, and you have some views you never knew were there – some of the best views. I don’t think I can imagine doing anything else.

PG&E has all the best tools and the best technology so I can get my job done safely. We’re there to fix a job as fast as we can, in the safest manner possible, and get people’s power back on. It’s a good feeling.